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Residential Roofing

Replacing your roof can feel overwhelming. You deserve a DFW roofing company who treats your home like it’s their own. Our commitment is to install industry leading products, expert installation along with exceptional service- so you enjoy a long lasting, reliable roof.

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Innovative and Smart products

Innovative and Smart products:

Metal roofing such as stone coated metal offer many benefits:

  • Lasts 3-4 times as long as asphalt

  • Will not catch fire

  • Solar compatible

  • Water tight

  • Energy star rated

  • Damage resistant

  • Low maintenance

  • Energy efficient

  • Class 4 hail impact resistance



Ice and water shield is a smart underlayment that is designed to form a watertight seal around nail penetrations when shingles are applied.

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Expert Damage Assessment

If your roof is 10 years old or older, having your roof professionally inspected is a smart thing to do. After the inspection is completed, Burt Chandler will personally discuss the condition of your roof. Should any previous storm or hail damage be discovered, Burt will educate you on the insurance claims process and recommend the best course of action. If no damage is found you will enjoy having peace of mind knowing your biggest home investment is secure.